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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have been jam packed full of fun, family, worship and of course running!

Saturday morning started with an early drive over to Marie Kerr Park for the Jingle Bell Jog. My good friend Christian was there to handle the computer for me so that I could actually race while being responsible for the timing of the race. I got him set up and then headed out for a warm up. I ran 1 mile and headed back for some water and to check on things. Then I met Clay and we ran another mile.

The race itself went rather well. I got off the line a little slow compared to everyone around me, but then I had fun passing them. A quarter mile in I caught Clay (who was waiting for me) and we ran together. We pulled ahead of Dave and Dawn and continued to weave through people for more than a mile. I have not yet downloaded from my garmin but I think the first split was a hair over 7 minutes. I have not run the Jingle Bell Jog the last couple of years because of timing duties, but as I have noted that the 2nd mile always seems to be long. During the second mile I spotted Adam (Jen’s husband) and Lance and decided to try to catch and pass them. We caught Adam and he battled us for awhile right around the 2 mile mark. We caught Lance shortly thereafter. When we caught Lance he looked and said Hi Dale, with enough enthusiasm and breath support that I figured he was not tiring. Sure enough he pulled back ahead. Shortly after that Dave and Dawn ran by. The looked strong, but by now I was fading.  Still, I felt strong and smooth. The race showed progress!

After the race I plugged the computer wire into the wrong port and the clock reset. I lost all the times from the race. I told Alan and he said, “These things happen.” We also had problems due to duplicate bib numbers and such. I ended up hanging around till after 11 trying to figure it out.

When I got home, my parents and other family members were waiting to begin celebrating! So celebrate we did. Then of course the evening included worship at church.  Afterwards we took our dog to a friends house and went back home where Cheryl and I exchanged gifts. It was a long Christmas Eve.

And then came Christmas Day!  Believe it or not, Chuck, and Jose met me at the aqueduct for a long run. We headed west and saw a bright yellow clad runner heading toward us. It was Justin Pantananan who turned and joined us. Justin started at his house but stuck with us during most of our run. The three of us ran 10 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes.  I felt pretty strong through the run. The unusual part was that in the last couple of miles I began to fatigue in the calves. They are probably sore from all the jumping that Clay had me do on Friday.

After our run I went home, changed and headed to church. After church Cheryl and I drove to Phoenix. The drive was nice but finding places to eat on Christmas day was a challenge. We found McDonalds for lunch and IHOP for dinner.

Tomorrow, I will celebrate some more with my son Daniel.

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