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Month: January 2012

HDR Night at Joe Walker

I remember Tuesday nights last winter when there were 5 or 6 runners. Since I have been “taking names” this winter it has been an entirely different story. January’s weekly […]

Ride to school +

No running today. But I did ride to and from school. When I got home I did some exercises. My workouts with Clay (at least the official ones) are over […]

All by myself….

Nobody but me showed up for the Sunday morning run on the aqueduct. This was probably a good thing as I had one of my out of sorts, really slow […]

Did it again….

I got lots of positive feedback about last weeks workout: Stuff like, “that was rough,”  “mentally difficult,” “I don’t want to do that ever again.”   A while back Justin […]

Blasting the run home….

  Today I did the commuter training thing again. I got up early and ran a 5.4 mile route to school. Looking at the forecast for the weekend there is […]

First ride in a long time

It has been many months since I have used a bicycle. So last night, before heading to Joe Walker for the speed workout, I went out to the garage and […]

50 miles!

I have been building my mileage base since my return from 2 months off. I had two or three weeks in the upper 20s, then a couple weeks in the […]


This morning I met Karl for a run on the aqueduct. We headed west. At 70th, Joel happened to be there waiting for us. Fran was also there with a […]

Commuter train – – ing

One good way to add miles to a training program while minimizing the stress is to add two easy runs on the same day. I live 5.7 miles from Hillview […]

Another step forward

I love my Tuesday night workouts…. The last few weeks we have had great weather for it – (but the weather does not stop me…) We had great attendence once […]

Like old times…

This morning we had yet another run on the aqueduct. My goal was to do 10 miles easy and then add 5 miles at marathon pace. I was not sure […]