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I’m winning!

But then again, so is Clay, David, Alan, Dawn, Janet, Charles, Vick, Don and any other HDR member who ran the Hangover Run today!

This morning I headed over to Vasquez Rocks County park for the High Desert Runners and Santa Clarita Runners annual Hangover run. There were about 100 runners there. Everyone stood for a big group picture and then we took off. I was looking around for Clay and everyone had to funnel through a little opening in the fence so I started at the back of the pack. I caught up with Kyra and talked with her for just a bit. Then I caught Janet and talked with her. Dave and Dawn were not far ahead and I was trying to catch them. Next I caught Vick Hess and we ended up comparing aches and pains. So, I ran his pace for 4 miles up the trail. At 4 miles I figured that I had gone far enough so I stepped off the trail.

A few Santa Clarita runners, Lance and Kyra followed my lead and we headed back down the trail. Kyra went first and a few moments later I followed. Kyra was really moving quick but I caught her. After a mile and a half of downhill I hear Clay yelling to wait up. So I stopped. It turns out he had started earlier and was ahead of me the whole time. He did not like how fast I was running down the hill so we proceeded at a more cautious clip the rest of the way back to the parking area.

Now I have to get to work….. This points thing was my idea and I am responsible for keeping track of the points. I took a photo of the sign in sheets so now I have to build a spreadsheet to begin the tally.

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