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Countdown Workout

Tonight we had a really good turn out for the HDR speed workout. We had some speedsters like Christian, Justin Koo, Alelesy, Ben, Sarah and Jen. We had some of my Hillview kids: Camden, David and Serena. Let’s see: Michael, Luke, Annie, Sidnee, Dave, Joe, Kathy, June, Deborah and Jessie. Oh, plus me. I had a sign in sheet. There were 21 runners.

After the warm-up we did 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1.  So it was a countdown workout. Now you may notice that Clay was not there. He was at the Desert Christian High Cross Country Team Awards Dinner. (After their awesome season, I bet the dinner was fun.) The last 4 or 5 weeks Clay has been restraining my effort a bit at intervals. Tonight I felt great. I was loose and smooth right from the first lap of warm-up. I kept an even effort throughout the evening but the results showed slight progression.

Interval # Minutes 400m split Total Distance
1 3 1:36 745
2 3 1:35 750
3 3 1:34 755
4 2 1:33 500
5 2 1:32 500
6 2 1:32 500
7 1 260
8 1 265
9 1 260

Looking at the 400m splits I had my own personal countdown within the countdown workout. After the workout, while running the cool down Jen asked if my speed limit had been lifted. All I could think to say is that while the cat’s away …..

This morning I went to Clay’s for my PT workout. I think it helped to make me loose and ready for tonight.

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