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Marie Kerr to Bunny Hill to Coldstone?

Today I tormented my Hillview kids with a toughie. We started at Marie Kerr park and ran up to the ridge above the aqueduct. We headed northwest to the “Bunny Hill” Then we ran down toward 60th, through the tunnels and down some more to the Coldstone at Ave N and 50th.

I was curious to see what the TSS score would be for such a hilly workout. The score was 64 for the 6.4 mile run. The speed workout of course had a much higher score. Of course running with the kids usually ends up being a lot of start and stop running. It would be interesting  to try the same run on my own to see if a continuous run gets a higher score….

Another interesting thought has occured to me as I have looked at my graphs. Although my current CTL score is much lower than it has been, it looks like there is enough time to get this score into the same range that it was prior to my earlier marathon. Hmmm, maybe I should go to Boston….

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  1. If you have not already? You may want to make hotel reservations in Boston. Just make sure that there is no cancellation fee. Sometimes I have found rooms difficult to find for big city marathons. You can always wait until the end of March to purchase your airline ticket.

    It’s great to see you running well again!

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