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41 plus 37 = 88

This is my total TSS – Training Stress Score for today – a nice medium day.

The first 41 points were determined from the gps data while running at Marie Kerr Park. We did 2 big loops of the park and 1 small loop (just the “older” part of the park) which turns out to be almost exactly 3 miles. We followed that up with Coach Jay Johnson’s Lunge Matrix.

Now I realize that this lunge matrix is supposed to be the first thing, but I forgot….

Next we did about 4 rounds of partner tortures. Partner tortures at the park are fun. We do them right next to the playground. The running portion of the work will include up and over picnic tables, across the monkey bars, down the slides…. It is fun. Once again, all of this turns out to have a TSS of 41.

Then I went home to prepare to go work out at Valley Physical Therapy.

I have been wondering how to account for the work that Clay has me do. On training peaks it is not practical to try to enter exercise by exercise strength workouts (or at least I have not figured that out yet) and strength work does not automatically net a TSS score. So, I decided to wear my Garmin to the workout – with my heart rate monitor. I have not been using the heart rate monitor, but since Training Peaks can calculate a TSS based on heart rate I decided to give it a try.

Clay had me warm up on a stationary bike, then do some side steps. We went outside to “play catch” Of course, Clay throws the ball everywhere but directly to me. I did the inchworms – in the pike position. I set a new record on the ski erg. He has me do 3 sets of 30s sprints with 30s rest. My previous best total distance was 399 meters. Today I blew by that with 412. Let’s see, I did a shuttle race and then beat Fran at playing catch while standing on one foot.

When I got home and downloaded the data, Training Peaks gave this workout a score of 37.  What do you think Clay, does this sound about right? That would make it about the same as an easy 3 miler.

Thinking back at the first workout, the score should be higher. The partner torture part of the workout would not be scored adequately by gps alone. I should have had my heart rate monitor on for that as well.

So, tomorrow I am planning on an easy 13 or so – probably on the aqueduct by Clay may convince me to go run in the hills with him. On Sunday I want to do 10 with the latter 5 at marathon goal pace.

One last comment. If I compare my current work load with the time period 3 1/2 months prior to the 2009 Surf City Marathon I am at about the same place. This marathon was my breakthrough marathon where I dropped my PR from 3:48 to 3:21. It is still my 3rd best marathon and the other 2 are only marginally better. It is giving me some confidence in the thought of going ahead with my plans for Boston. I will give it a few more weeks until I decide for sure.

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