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Clay and I are working on “hosting” weekly Saturday runs. He is training for the LD50 and I am training for the Boston Marathon and/or the Ojai to Ocean marathon. He needs to run lots of trails, me, not so much. So the idea is that High Desert Runners club members can meet us at the aqueduct and 60th west and the aqueduct. I would stay on the aqueduct and get in my miles while he would take other trail runners off to the hills somewhere.

We had 3 other runners show up and they all wanted to go to the trails. So, rather than stay and run alone I went with them. We did a loop of about 12 miles on the roads and trails east of San Francisquito Canyon road near Green Valley. The run started with a long uphill during which I had some trouble keeping up with Clay, Dawn and Dave. I was trailing.  Eventually, though we all made it to the high point on the road and the rest of the run was not too difficult. Here is a pic Clay took while we were at the top.  (thanks to Clay for taking and posting the pictures on his blog.)

Here is a pic in the latter part of the run next to a sign listing the LD 50 winners.

I was really curious to see what TSS score I would get for today’s workout, but my Garmin was dead from the beginning. Every now and then it is inadvertently turned on during the charging process and then it remains on and drains itself.  I looked through my historical data to find the closest run that I could find and that was the June 19 run on the Burkhart trail  Since that run was 10 miles and today’s was 12 I would estimate that the TSS score would be 20 points higher. We will see. Dave was wearing his Garmin and if I can get the file from it I can make a comparison.

The effort level was pretty high today, so I am not sure if I will be able to do any marathon paced miles tomorrow. We will see.

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