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Like old times…

This morning we had yet another run on the aqueduct. My goal was to do 10 miles easy and then add 5 miles at marathon pace. I was not sure if I would be able to run that far that fast after yesterday’s trail run – but I wanted to give it a try.

A few minutes before 7 I arrived in the parking area. In the car to my left was Jen and Sarah Bird. Jen and Sarah both live out at Edwards and have apparently become running buddies! Up on the aqueduct I could see Chuck getting loose. Pulling into my right was Eric Dombrowski. Eric saw my post on facebook and decided to come and join us. As we were getting ready we saw someone come running up from out on the aqueduct. It was Clay who had arrived early to warm up.

All 6 of us ran together for the first 3 miles. We ran along at a nice 8:30 ish pace. During miles 4 and 5 Jen and Sarah steadily pulled ahead. Eric also pulled a ahead of Clay, Chuck and I. We finished these 5 at around 42 minutes.

Jen and Sarah finished their run after 5. They were talking about going somewhere else to run on a trail. Sarah is considering doing the LD50 so she should start running with Clay. Eric, Clay and I all needed to get something out of our cars so we jogged over for supplies before heading back out. Meanwhile Chuck played the rabbit and headed out for lap 2.

Heading northwest for lap 2, we had a pretty good tailwind. Clay and I did mile 6 in 7:25 and mile 7 in 7:30. At this time we caught up with Chuck. Clay backed off to finish with Chuck. I continued at marathon pace. I figured that I would continue at marathon pace effort until my average fell below 7:35. Mile 3 was 7:34. Mile 4 heading into the wind was 7:38 so I was still ahead of pace going into mile 5. By now I was starting to tire, but I was feeling better mechanically than I had yesterday. Yesterday, I could feel the hill run affecting my adductors and to a lesser extent my calves, but these marathon pace miles were limited only by my heart and lungs. My pace trailed off for the first 3/4 of the 10th mile but when I neared the finish I decided to practice my marathon finish and kicked it in pretty good till the finish. Mile 5 was 7:40. So the 2nd set of 5 miles was 37:37.

A couple of minutes later Eric came in and then came Chuck and Clay. Chuck turned around and kept going…

Good Job everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the great run today. You really took off for the second 5. Great job! I hope to join in the future for more runs. Good times!

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