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This morning I met Karl for a run on the aqueduct. We headed west. At 70th, Joel happened to be there waiting for us. Fran was also there with a few other friends. Joel, Karl and I continued west till we had gone 4 miles from 60th. We turned and headed back. At 60th Joel headed back towards 70th.  I took a quick pit stop and then Karl and I continued east. Karl left me after a while to head back but I continued almost all the way to Highland. I turned back so that I would finish with 15 miles!

My average pace was just under 8:30, which is just right for me. It was a little slow for Karl and Joel.  I have noticed one peculiar thing: When I do these morning runs, I tend to go through a rough patch about 2 to 3 miles into the run. Looking at the data does not show me slowing, but I did experience my typical semi light headed feeling for a bit after we had picked up Joel and were still headed west. Whatever it is, it goes away as I continue. My pace continued consistent and steady all the way to the finish.

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January 2012


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