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50 miles!

I have been building my mileage base since my return from 2 months off. I had two or three weeks in the upper 20s, then a couple weeks in the low 30s. Last week was 42. So in retrospect the jump to 50 was a bit of a stretch. It was probably too much to make that jump to 50 AND do the last 7 of those 50 miles at marathon pace – In HEAVY WINDS!!  Now that I have established by excuse, this morning I ran 10 easy miles on the aqueduct this morning.

Chuck and Dave met me and we headed out into the wind. After the turn around at 3 miles I started my attempt at marathon pace miles. The wind during this stretch was sort of off to the side so it was not helping. My first half was 3:58 and the next was 3:54 for a 7:52 mile. I was not hurting or anything. I just did not feel like the marathon pace miles were in the tank. So, I backed off. Dave had surged ahead of Chuck and he caught me and we finished the 5 together. We waited a bit and headed back out with Chuck. I decided to hang with Chuck and catch up with him. Dave ran ahead.

I finished 10 in 90 minutes. Dave headed out for more – 13, I believe and Chuck headed out for 15.

Looking at my Training Stress Score chart after importing my run I see the acute training stress if climbing very steeply. I figured in my current semi recovered condition it is better to be safe than sorry.

Oh, 2 more excuses:
1) Clay had me to some hard work on the ski erg machine Friday:  1000 meters in 4:16 and later 500 meters in 1:54.8.
2) I have lost 3 pounds this week – I have been watching the calorie intake very carefully. If I am doing Boston, I want to do it at under 165 pounds.

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  1. Good job on your 50 mile week! I’m glad you decided to play it safe and run with me. The miles went by quickly while we were talking.

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