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Trying to run like a girl…

About 3/4 of the way through tonights workout a thought occurred to me. Jen was 10 meters ahead of me and Sarah another 5 or so ahead of her. I noticed that their leg turn over was very quick. I remembered how when I set my 5K PR I was helped by trying to match the very quick cadence of this guy who passed me. So, I sped up my turn over. It made me faster…

The workout (and the alternate title for today’s post) was 2’s ad nauseam. We did 10 reps of 2 minutes each with 2 minute recoveries. My goal was to run a simple 500 meters each rep. That is what I did – 500 meters each rep. Well after 4 reps they started getting a bit longer. Than I had my epiphany after about number 8. I told Jen that chasing her and Sarah was teaching me something. Jen says what is that? I said that they were teaching me to run like a girl. She said “hey” I said, I meant it in a good way. I explained that I the two of them had very quick turnover.

On number 10 I got off the line quickly, and jumped into a that extra quick turnover. Jen and I were side by side for the first lap in 1:27. Then I kicked and pulled ahead. The problem was I was expecting to be done at 500ish meters.  At 500  I felt done, but the timer was not signaling the finish. Jen surged past me as we continued down the backstretch. I finished about 540 meters.

The crowd for the evening was once again a nice crowd- 19 people: Clay, Neil, Ben, Justin Koo, Miguel, Kegan, Joseph, Sarah, Jen, Luke, Sid, Dave, Jesse, Bev, Deborah, Annie, Alan, Leo and Me.

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