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First ride in a long time

It has been many months since I have used a bicycle. So last night, before heading to Joe Walker for the speed workout, I went out to the garage and got my old Schwinn ready.  This morning I bundled up and rode it to Hillview. It is much harder staying warm on a bicycle in the cold than it is staying warm running. For my ride I wore shorts with a long pair of workout pants over them. I wore 2 long sleeve running shirts, 1 cotton sweatshirt and my Orange County Marathon Jacket over that. I put on a pair of thin gloves and then put on a thicker pair over them. Finally, I have this beanie type of hat with a part that goes down and covers the chin, mouth and nose. I stayed just right all the way through the 26 degree ride.  The only part that I would have liked to be warmer was my fingers….

After school I did an easy 3.3 (to compliment last nights 6.7) with the kids. We also did a set of abkillers. My core strength showed improvement in that I was able to do 20 pushups during the 40 second pushup part of the routine. I did 15 straight, then held the position for a 5s break or so, and then did 5 more before time was up. I have neglected making the kids do this lately, but with track season on the horizon I will have to make sure these exercises are moved to the front burner of our workout routines.

I followed up the easy run with a ride home, of course.

I was curious to see how the bike ride fared on the Training Stress Score scale. Serious riders get power meters to measure their work output while riding, but I am more of a cross trainer, commuter, calorie burner type of bike rider. Training peaks, will calculate the TSS of any workout when a heart rate monitor is worn, so I wore the heart rate monitor today. It gave the bike rides scores of 18 and 17. For a comparison, the 3.3 mile run garnered a score of 34 – almost as much as both bike rides combined. The last workout with Clay, btw earned me a 37.

I am happy, though that I finally have a grasp of how cross training work affects you overall fitness score for use in another sport. There are some running experts out there proposing that the ideal training regimen includes only 3 runs each week. Each of these runs are very focused and are hard efforts. Instead of running easy on the other days they propose alternatives – cross training.

One last comment on this training stress score thing…. how am I going to calculate a score for a pool run workout? I don’t think my Garmin 305 is waterproof.

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