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Did it again….

I got lots of positive feedback about last weeks workout: Stuff like, “that was rough,”  “mentally difficult,” “I don’t want to do that ever again.”   A while back Justin Koo told me that when the runners complain about the toughness of the workout, I am doing something right. So, we did it again. We did the dreaded 10 times 2 minute workout. I had a talk with everyone before hand and suggested that they would maximize the effectiveness of the workout if they continued to jog as much as possible between the fast sections.

The lead group – Justin Pantananan, Neil, Christian and Justin Koo always tend to keep jogging between the workouts. Everyone tends to walk back to the start line and stand around. Today, I split the difference. I ran my first two minute interval completing just over 500 meters. Then I jogged the long way around to the start line just barely making it there on time for interval number two. Interval two felt significantly harder but I still came in right at 500. For this one I jog/walked the short way. I kept this pattern up for all 10 intervals – long recovery, short recovery… I also focused on keeping those real quick strides like last week

There were 23 runners in attendence – maybe more – I am not certain that everyone actually signed in….
Click here for the roster..

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