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More Commuter Training and a Bunny Hill

I never posted yesterday!  Yesterday about a dozen Hillview kids and another 6 or 7 alumni ran from Hillview up to the Bunny Hill (aka Margo Hill – the high point on the ridge between Hillview and Leona Valley – east of 60th west.) It used to be that when I planned a bunny hill run only a few crazies would show up, and others who were perfectly capable would choose not to. So, a couple of years ago I developed a new stategy for this run. Mind you, I only do this run 4 or 5 times a year. The new strategy, is when we come down off the hill, after going under the aqueduct, after going behind the boulders and down N8 to 50th west….. when we get to 50th west, instead of making a right and running back to Hillview we make a left and continue downhill to Coldstone!  The parents meet us there!

I bought myself a nice big ice cream and the two dads sitting outside commented on how “I” could eat such a thing. They said it was okay because I had already burned it off.  I used to think like this myself. For years, I used my running as my excuse to eat anything and everything I wanted. This is why, the first time I ran the Surf City Marathon, I qualified for the Clydesdale division (195 pounds and over.) Now, I allow myself the occasional indulgence but I am watching those calories like a hawk. That ice cream actually came in at MORE calories than I burned running. The positive was that it had plenty of carbs and protein for a good recovery!  It also helped that I managed the rest of my day to ensure that my net calorie intake was under 1700.  So even with the ice cream, my weight this morning was lower than it has been in a couple of months – 172.4.

Today, I debated what to do. I am running the Bakersfield Half Marathon on Saturday, but it is not a goal race. I want to do well, but I do not think I am in half marathon PR shape. So, I was debating on how much to taper. Should I continue with a somewhat normal week or back off today. I chose to go somewhat normal. So, I got up and ran to school this morning and ran back home afterward. I kept the pace easy – just under 9 minute miles.

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  1. Continue somewhat normal is the right choice, you are not going to come close to 1:31 and I don’t think you should even race it real hard. Your goal of marathon pace (7:30 min per mile) for the first 6.5 and then see what is left is a good goal. You might have a lot left you might not.
    How about Wed night strength 6:30pm-7:30pm??

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