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High Desert Runners Dominate the Bakersfield Half Marathon!!

Well, that is my take on it anyway…..

The High Desert Runners had a big group of runners head down to Bakersfield this morning for their annual Half Marathon. Justin Pantananan drove Jose Estrada and myself. Sarah Bird went down with Adam and Jen Oblinger. Christian Powers, Eddie Spiers (going to Boston) and David Weary were there (Dave was wondering where Clay was.) I also noticed Carmen Albanes and Caleb Schroeder (not an HDR member?)

Justin had said that he was going to go down with us but that he was not going to race it. On the way down he was debating about going ahead and running it as his workout for the day. He said he was scheduled for alternating 5 minute miles with 6 minute miles for 9 miles. So he figured that he would go ahead and do that for 9 miles and then run on in.  David, at the start line said that he and Clay had planned to run 8 minute miles.  My plan was to run the first half at marathon goal pace and then see what I could do for the second half.

I set my Garmin virtual training partner for a 1:40 half marathon and off we went. Right away I noticed that my Garmin was not set correctly. Instead of telling me how far ahead of the virtual guy I was, it was saying the total distance I had run. Jose, David and I settled into a very comfortable pace and the first mile went by in 7:20. As we ran I asked David what his PR was and he said 1:39 something. Knowing what kind of shape he is in, I told him that he could easily go get a new one. After a couple of miles he slowly pulled ahead of Jose and I. Sometime around mile 4 I looked at my Garmin and it wasn’t there! Jose and I had bumped elbows a few times and at one point it must have come off the band. Wow, my only hope was that whoever behind me spotted it would turn it in. The miles continued to click by under 7:30 for the most part.

Around mile 5 Jose began to drop back a bit – either that or I decided to surge a little faster….

Around mile 6 I saw Justin, the leader of the race. A little while later Christian Powers went by. I did not count the other runners, but the first female I saw was Sarah Bird. Eddie Spears was right behind her. The next female was Jen! David had a big lead on me at the turn around. Caleb Shroeder was just a minute or two ahead.

On the way back my pace remained fairly consistent. I began to feel really tired with 3 or 4 to go, but I hung in there. The runners were spaced out, but little by little I was still catching people. No one I knew, though was ever within sight. The last two I was barely able to hold onto marathon pace. Here are my splits:

Mile 1 7:20
Mile 2 7:24
Mile 3 7:40
Mile 4 7:29
Mile 5 7:30
Mile 6 7:21
Mile 7 7:20
Mile 8 7:12
Mile 9 7:19
Mile 10 7:35
Mile 11 7:29
Mile 12 7:30
Mile 13 7:31

As it turned out – Justin did win the race, and he insisted that he just did his planned workout. Of course his time was 1:12:55 – a 5:34 average pace. So either he kept alternating those miles the whole way, or his final four were done at around a 5:30 pace. Wow!   Christian came in 2nd – in 1:17:22. Eddie finished in 1:29:28 – 15th overall, but 5th in his division.  A young lady caught both Jen and Sarah but they came in 2nd and 3rd place overall and 1st and 2nd in their age division. Sarah’s time was 1:31:44. Jen’s was 1:32:42. David finished in 1:34:37  setting a huge new PR!!! He also snagged a 2nd place age division award. I am sure, btw that Jen’s time was a PR as well. Caleb was the next AV runner in 1:35:58. I was happy to be done in 1:37:45.  I was 7th in my age division – 37th overall. Today – the 45-49 group was one tough division.  If I were 37 days older, I would have placed 3rd behind David in the 50-54 age group. Jose, hung in there quite well after dropping behind me finishing in 1:43:27 (probably his PR.) Adam was the next one in with a time of 1:48:27. I am not sure if  I have met Carol Disparte, but I know her from facebook. I missed meeting her at the race, but I see that she won her age division in 1:49:21. Another HDR runner, Carman Albanes won her division. Her time was in the 1:57:40.

This post would not be complete without mentioning the two HDR runners who ran in the 5K!  Michael and Sarah Mayes ran, but I did not get to talk with them afterwards. They would have had to wait around an hour or longer for me…. Michael placed 9th overall and 4th in his age group. His time was 16:35 ??  The results say that the time was based on a 2.59 actual distance. Then it says oops. I wonder what happened?  Still, Michael’s pace was 6:24!! Sarah also placed 4th in her division with a pace of 8:06.

Well, that is enough for now….. but check back later. I will updated this with pictures when David sends me the ones his wife took.

Oh,  some kind runner person did turn in my Garmin to lost and found!!!! Yeah!!

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