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All by myself….

Nobody but me showed up for the Sunday morning run on the aqueduct. This was probably a good thing as I had one of my out of sorts, really slow runs. Well, I felt really slow, and I even stopped and walked a couple of times. Funny thing is when I was done my time was 44:58 –  right at 9 minutes per mile. I was not feeling sore or anything from yesterday’s race, just weak. I was probably dehydrated. I am finding that it is really difficult to get my body ready to run in just an hour or so in the morning. This not usually a problem with races, as I generally have several hours to get up, eat, drink, digest and be ready to race! Who wants to get up at 4 just to do a practice run at 7!

The brighter news for the day is that Chuck and Lauren each competed in races today!  I heard from Lauren already that she ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in 1:41.  She posted her shiny new tinkerbell bling on facebook.

Chuck ran the ING Miami Marathon this morning. I have not yet been able to find results online….. so we will have to wait and see how he did!

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  1. Hi Dale I figured you would have been resting from yesterday and I knew many others were racing so I slept in and went for 11 after lunch. Will catch you next week.

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