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Month: February 2012

Big Weekend

It is amazing while you are training that you have days when you feel good and your numbers show it. You have other days where you may not feel as […]

Thursday workouts!

My plan as I train for Boston is to do some nice long intervals on Thursday mornings. The goal will be 6 miles of repeats of at least 1 mile […]

Wednesday Workouts

Yesterday,  I did quite a bit of work. I did the leap frog run with my Hillview kids. The unseasonable 80 degree temps were making the kids wilt, but we […]

24 Speedy Runners!

Another Tuesday Night HDR Speed Workout has come and gone. The wind was nonexistent – great running weather. We did a stepping down workout. 5, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2… […]

Favorable Comparison…

As I have been training for Boston V2.0 I have been making comparisons with my build up to my first Boston Qualifer, the 2009 Surf City Marathon. This was my […]

I love Tuesdays…..

Yesterday, I was looking at the forecast – 70% chance of rain. Cheryl was asking me, will you still have a workout?  I got a text from one of the […]

Shaky Morning…..

I have to figure out this morning stuff….. It seems that either I eat and need to stop to use a restroom (Saturday) or I don’t eat and I get […]

Tunnels again…

Today I laced up the Nikes and headed out with the kids up to the aqueduct, over it, and under it!  It was a nice 5 miler! Tomorrow, I am […]