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First, after school I worked out with my Hillview (and a half dozen Quartz Hill High) kids. We did a Hill repeat workout. We ran down the hill to Ave N and 45th west. Then we ran up Ave N to 50th and up 50th to the top of the hill near Hillview. We ran the hill in 30s sprints. We did a total of 10 reps before we got to the top of the hill. After a cooldown mile. We did a set of abkillers holding each exercise for 1 minute each.

Later, I had the privilege of heading over to Clay’s office for an after hours workout. I was expecting the same stuff that he had me doing a couple of weeks ago, but tonight he had some new ideas. I did 10 30s reps on the ski erg like normal, but we added some work on a arm machine – sort of like a bicycle machine that you turn with your hands. We took turns pulling each other across the parking lot. We raced (literally) through some ball slams and…. some more stuff! The last part though we took turns trading off between a stairstepper machine and a treadmill on a high  incline. I really struggled to keep up on this one..

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