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Not exactly commuter training

I have been running to and from Hillview the last few Thursdays. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but it is an easy way to build up some miles. Last night, however, Clay mentioned that he wanted to do some mile repeats this morning on the Joe Walker track. So in lieu of running to school I drove to Joe Walker. I started at about 5:50 and ran 2 miles of warm up. Clay joined me after running from his home. We did our first mile in about 7:00 flat. I should say that I did my first mile in that time. Clay always out kicks me the last 100 meters to get a second or two on me. We decided to follow the mile with an 800 which we did in 3:20. We jogged a very easy lap in between each repeat. Next we did a mile in 6:53 and after our recovery lap we did another 800 in 3:20.  The total workout was 7 miles.

After school I ran again, but let me digress with a running related story. The other day I posted a link to a funny video on facebook:

My student Camden Smith saw the post and really liked it…. Today, near the end of lunch I was walking back to my room. As I neared my grouping of buildings  Camden and Aliyah were yelling at me across the courts. “Mr. Lister! Mr. Lister” I pretended that I did not hear them and kept walking. They walked and jogged closer and closer. As I was a few paces from going around the last corner I looked back, saw them, and dashed around the corner. The kids, I am sure, thought I was going to try to run to my room and ditch them! What I did though, was just dash around the corner and wait. As I heard them run up, I stepped out. Aliyah SCREAMED!  The teacher, whose room I was near, had students at the time. She came out to see what the commotion was….. Oops! She is a young teacher and she had a great attitude!

What was it that Camden and Aliyah were dying to tell me?  Camden wanted to tell me that he had seen the commercial actually on TV.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog….

After school, all I wanted was to get four miles in with my students. I had run hard in the morning and they had run pretty hard each of the last two days. So, we ran a two mile “warm up.”  Then we went and stole about 4 soccer balls from the soccer teams who were practicing. We split into four teams and did an Indian run around the field. The runner in front, though got to dribble the ball and as the next runner came along they got to take over the dribble. It was fun!

Next we did a little relay race kicking the balls back and forth across the field. Some of the runners are players, some of them definitely not!

The Indian Run lap and the relay added up to a half mile so we did our “Burger Run” for a cool down. The burger run is an INner loop and an OUTer loop – IN and Out.  4 mostly easy miles – mission accomplished.


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