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Shaky Morning…..

I have to figure out this morning stuff…..

It seems that either I eat and need to stop to use a restroom (Saturday) or I don’t eat and I get dizzy and week somewhere between miles 2 and 4 of my run. Today it was the later.  I ran my two mile warmup and tried to accelerate to marathon pace. Eric and Lance pulled away from me. I did not get my first quarter mile split. My second was 2:08. It was too slow to be marathon pace, but too quick for a long run. I backed off and finished the five miles with Chuck.

By the end of mile five I was feeling more normal, but I was definitely feeling fatigued from yesterday.

I called it a day.

I will be rethinking my plan. It would probably be better to do marathon pace runs the day before the long runs, but this would be more difficult to fit into my typical schedule (but not impossible.)  Or, in my 3 week rotation (posted in the last post) I could move the longer marathon pace runs to the “easy weeks.’ I would have one weekend focused on length -30+, one weekend with the fast finish long runs and the other with a 10+ marathon pace run.

Hmmmmm ……..

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