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I love Tuesdays…..

Yesterday, I was looking at the forecast – 70% chance of rain. Cheryl was asking me, will you still have a workout?  I got a text from one of the regular’s asking if we would practice if it was raining. I said, “It depends……. depends on how rainy, how windy, how cold, how crazy anyone else is….”

In the afternoon, Hillview got a little rain. After school some kids appeared at my door asking if we would run. It was not raining at the moment, so I figured I should get some work in while I could. We did a nice easy 3.5 mile run. Then we did a 1 minute set of ab killers.

At 5:40 I pulled into the Joe Walker parking lot and there already a few people running laps. The weather was excellent! We ended up with our usual (of late) 20 runners. The workout was the same as last week. 4 x 3 minute plus 4 x 2 minutes. I was feeling pretty good at the start of each interval. The first lap of the first interval was 1:32. The total distance was about 750, though so the second lap was a bit slower. Each and every first lap was between 1:32 and 1:34. Sarah and Jen were missing but our other fast young lady, Anaiz, kept passing me after a couple hundred meters. Her quick turnover inspired me to speed up and keep going. The other inspiration of the night was the new guy. There was a new runner named Chris who looks about my age. Each of the first three intervals he finished right behind me! On interval number four he took off with the fast guys and completed about 810 in the three minutes. On the next few intervals he was back right behind me. He is training for the SD 100, but looks like he could do some pretty good shorter races!  On the final interval I could hear him back there trying to catch me. I focused and dug a little deeper. I heard Mitch call out a 1:28 lap split. I finished about 520 meters!

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