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Sixteen Mile Fast Finish √

I can check off the first of my 3 Fast Finish Long runs as I train for Boston!

I was a little worried about being successful with this one for a few reasons:

  1. I have been trying to find a way to have enough energy to avoid weakness and dizziness on early morning long runs. On some mornings I have gotten up WAY early to eat something. When I do this I end up having to find a port a john mid-run which is no good. Other mornings I have gone with just water to make sure I am hydrated together with a last minute gel or bag of sports beans. This is the combination that sometimes leaves me with a weak spell 2 to 3 miles into the run.
  2. Yesterday, I ran with the kid’s from Hillview and 9 minute miles were difficult.  We ran from Hillview up to Mt Rite Aid. This is a 5.6 mile round trip. There is lots of climbing to get there and this time there was lots of headwind getting back. The main reason for the slow pace, though was that I was sore. My hamstrings and glutes were a little sore along with my abs. I blame Clay – I am sure it was from throwing Kettlebells around and such nonsense on Wednesday evening 🙂
  3. Finally, it was a windy morning. The forecast called for winds between 10-20 mph coming from the southwest.

Despite the worries though, I got up early and gave it a go. I parked in the neighborhood behind Highland High School at 5:30 and began my run. I ran an easy 3 miles by myself around the neighborhoods looping back to P12.  Jeff Smith was waiting for me there. I grabbed my water belt and we headed up the road to the aqueduct. It was still dark but we could see well enough to make it up the road and up the very steep access to the aqueduct (note the two very slow half mile splits in the chart below.) Jeff and I ran Northwest on the aqueduct into the wind. We ran together for 6 miles putting us a little more than a mile west of 60th west.

9 miles into my run we turned and headed back. At this point we picked up the pace to my marathon goal pace of 7:30 – 7:35. Sometimes the wind was probably helping us, but any time you run even a little bit toward the south you have to fight the wind. We managed to stay under marathon goal pace with miles of 7:37, 7:20, 7:31 and 7:25.

2 miles from the car we picked it up for a fast finish. Just as we sped up we encountered Justin who turned and joined us!  Unfortunately, this next mile was mostly headed in a southern direction. In spite of the wind we ran a 6:55 mile. The final fast finish mile was aided by gravity as we dropped off of the aqueduct and down to Highland – 6:35.

Now if you’re adding things up you may notice that this was only 15 miles. I did not start early enough to get my planned 4 mile warm up in before joining Jeff. So, after a minute or two of rest I headed out for 1 more – nice and easy.

THANKS JEFF for helping me get er done!

Here are the half mile splits for those who like to look at the data.

Lap 1 4:42 Lap 19 3:46
Lap 2 4:22 Lap 20 3:51 7:37
Lap 3 4:29 Lap 21 3:45
Lap 4 4:33 Lap 22 3:35 7:20
Lap 5 4:36 Lap 23 3:50
Lap 6 4:33 Lap 24 3:41 7:31
Lap 25 3:38
EASY MILES Lap 26 3:47 7:25
Lap 7 4:58 Lap 27 3:29
Lap 8 5:16 Lap 28 3:26 6:55
Lap 9 4:36 Lap 29 3:20
Lap 10 4:30 Lap 30 3:15 6:35
Lap 11 4:29
Lap 12 4:23 COOL DOWN
Lap 13 4:22 Lap 31 4:39
Lap 14 4:28 Lap 32 4:52
Lap 15 4:23
Lap 16 4:32
Lap 17 4:13
Lap 18 4:40

BTW, Since we have made Saturday mornings – 7am a club run, I try to be there at that time.  Jeff and I managed to get there on our way back just after 7 am. Clay and Kyra were there in their cars as we were running up. (They pulled away to go do their trail runs moments before we got there.) Jen Smith and her friend were out there as well. They ran an out and back east of 60th west.

Oh, one more thing…… You know what worked today- no weakness, no G.I. distress?  Kool-Aid!  I found some in the fridge this morning and I guzzled about a pint first thing upon waking up. I also had my sports beans and consumed two gels during the first part of the run.

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  1. Great job! Glad to hear that your fast finish 16 miler went well. Hopefully drinking Kool-Aid is the answer to your morning weakness/dizziness.

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