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Favorable Comparison…

As I have been training for Boston V2.0 I have been making comparisons with my build up to my first Boston Qualifer, the 2009 Surf City Marathon. This was my a real breakthrough marathon for me. My PR going in was 3:48. I ran Surf City in 3:21. One of the keys for the huge improvement was the loss of 20 pounds. The thing that makes my current training similar to that late 2008 training though, is that in both cases I started by hitting the “reset” button. In 2008 I was hurting and sought treatment from Clay. As I got better, and as I dieted and got lighter, I gradually built up my training in the last half of the year. Similarly, in 2011 I was hurting and I got some help from Clay. The current training regimen is a bit of a steeper training curve than the 2008 version.

On Training Peaks, I went back and made sure that all the 2008 and 2009 workouts had training scores. I made a weekly comparison of the scores leading up to Surf City 09 along with CIM 09 and Boston 2010. The chart shows that I am beginning to compare favorably with the build ups leading to those top 3 marathons:


weeks before: Boston 12 Surf City 09 Boston 10 CIM 09
0 74.8 78.9 70.9
1 78.8 85.6 74.5
2 83.8 97.2 81.0
3 82.9 96.5 82.1
4 79.2 96.8 78.0
5 72.2 88.2 73.8
6 68.9 89.2 65.2
7 70.8 82.7 60.0
8 66.7 86.4 70.0
9 73.2 64.1 86.5 65.7
10 66.9 67.8 82.2 62.9
11 60.4 66.9 77.1 64.1
12 56.5 61.3 72.6 60.2

Oh, today’s workout?

I ran an easy 10 miles with Chuck, Lauren and Lance on the aqueduct. Lauren promised to run easy so that we could all run together, but little by little she had to pull away. Lance was hanging with Chuck and I didn’t want Lauren to run alone so…….
I did, however let Lauren go it alone when she decided on a fast finish.

After Church I decided to add some strength training exercises: Jump Rope, 2 foot jump ups, 1 foot jump ups, medicine ball slams, Ab extensions on a roller thingy, 100 squats on a bosu ball, band walks and lots of stuff with the exercise ball. Click the link above for the details – or click here.. 

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  1. Great job this weekend! It looks like your current training is a little ahead of your 2009 marathons. If you are mentally and physically able to handle the steeper training curve I believe that you will PR at Boston.

    PS…….I enjoyed reviewing your data.

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