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Tough, Tempestuous, Tortuous Tuesday

I came up with this title, and then realized that last week the title was “I love Tuesdays.”

Well, I still love Tuesdays, but today was a tough one. I started with my workout with the Hillview team. We started with a mile and a half warm up and did a BIG set of form drills. I have stayed away from these, for the most part, since my injury. We lined up on the basketball courts. We did 14 different drills. Each drill took us the width of three courts. The courts are terraced so you have to go up a ramp between each one. After each drill you jog back, turn and sprint the three courts and then walk back to recover. We did 4 different types of skips, some side steps, some karaoke’s, some butt-kickers, high knees, bounding, backwards running, backwards skipping, and some jumping… I followed up with a half mile cool down.

Then I went home and rehydrated and refueled.

At 6 pm I got out of my car at Joe Walker. IT WAS COLD AND WINDY!!  Earlier at Hillview it had been pretty nice, so I was a bit surprised.  I am not sure if was the bitter wind, or the the fact that today is Valentine’s day, but attendence was a bit off! Justin Patananan, Justin Koo and Miguel were out in the lead today. David Villalobos (from Hillview) and sometimes Michael were next. Chris had a couple fast reps and then went home. Koz, Dan and Stacy were always close. The group was rounded out with Sidnee, Dave, Brenda, Leo and Bev.  At home, I am looking at Clay’s name on the list, but I don’t recall seeing him there ?!

I continued the progression we have been working on.  We did 10 x 2 minutes a couple of weeks. We did 4x 3 minutes plus 4 x 2 minutes a couple of weeks. Today we did 3 x 4 minutes plus 4 x 2 minutes.

Early in the workout my laps were running around 1:40 but by the end of the evening I was hitting 1:36. I feel it was not too bad considering the tough headwind every time we hit the back stretch.

The combined effect of the two workouts must have been pretty tough. I am sitting here staving off calf and foot cramps as I write this report…..

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