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YMCA Friendship Run 10K

I am counting today as a big step in the right direction.  The last few days I have done a mini taper in order to run the YMCA Friendship run 10K. Wednesday I did not run, but I did go to Clay’s for a workout. Thursday I ran just 2.5 miles with the Hillview team. Yesterday, I ran a little far for a prerace run, but it was Jamba Juice day. I ran 4.5 miles to Jamba Juice.

With the steep build up of the past couple of months, however, the Training Peaks Training Stress Chart still did not show me as ready for a peak perfomance.
Blue Line – Chronic Training Load (aka fitness),
Pink Line – Acute Training Load (aka freshness),
Yellow Line – Training Stress Balance (readiness to race)
Red Dots – Training Stress Scores for each day

To see where I was before today’s race you have to look at the last upward tic in the descending pink line to the right of the graph. (The graph extends a few days into the future assuming rest.)  You can see that that the Acute Training Load came down adding to my freshness and that the Chronic Training Level also dropped a bit. Even still though, the yellow line, for my Training Stress Balance is way too low for an optimum race performance. The picture above does not show the numbers but my Training Stress Balance was – 12.  For a PR effort you would want it above +10 minimum.

That being said, I went out and ran hard anyway. It was pretty soon apparent, however, that I was not ready to shoot for a 10K pr. (I realistically did not think that was a possibility anyway.) Still, it was quite fun to find myself near the front of the race even though it was mixed with 5K and 10K runners. As I ran over the L8 bridge near the end of loop one, I saw the 10K leader – Scott Acton heading back out for loop 2. About 200 meters from the turn around Jeff Smith and another guy went by on their way back out. That put me in 4th place.

The 2nd loop was very uneventful. I maintained effort and felt good. At 4 1/2 miles I started passing the 5K walkers still on their first lap. Going over the bridge toward the finish I was still feeling smooth and comfortable. I tried to press it just a bit to the finish. My finishing time was about 42:35.  I say “about” because I forgot to pause the Garmin and the YMCA did not announce times or results except for the top 3 overall finishers. I do believe the course was about .1 short btw….

So, not even close to a PR, but I felt good and smooth and fast.  Plugging 42:40 into McMillan’s running calculator predicts a 3:20 ish marathon so it shows that I am right on pace to have a top quality marathon effort in Boston.

I do want to congratulate some of my running friends who also had good races!   Lauren did the 5K in under 20:30.  She was the overall first female finisher in the 5K. Jeff Smith, as I said was out ahead of me in the 10K and took 2nd place to Desert Christian’s Scott Acton. Eric Dombrowski and Lance Close also ran the 10K and finished not too far behind me… Good Job everyone!

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  1. Being able to comfortably run a 42:40 10K should be a great confident builder for Boston. Good job everyone!

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