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3 times up Mt Ana Verde…..

For those wondering where Mt Ava Verde is read on and I will tell you. To get to Mt Ana Verde go to Ave S heading west from the freeway. About 1/4 mile west of Tierra Subida, where Ave S crosses the Aqueduct turn right into the parking area and park your car. From there are you have to do is run Northwest on the Aqueduct. Of course there is a caveat: In order for your run to qualify as a Mt Ana Verde climb the weather has to cooperate. You have to have 15 mph or greater winds coming from the Northwest like we did this morning.

Most of the time when it is windy at the aqueduct in the morning, the wind comes from the south west. This causes it to only be bad in a couple of sections – crazy corner near mile 1 and the last half mile or so. But, when the wind comes from the Northwest it is in your face pretty much the entire 2.5 miles out to the turn around. Today’s first two miles were 9:46 and 9:56. The good news though, is that when you turn around at 2.5 the return feels almost like running downhill. Miles 4 and 5 were 8:10 and 8:20.

Lance, Chuck and I met at 7 did the climb up Mt Ana Verde together. Lance headed home and Chuck and I tackled it again. On the third ascent Chuck decided to head back down at the 1.5 mile mark, but I continued to the summit. This third ascent, btw proved to be the most difficult as it was getting even windier near the summit (turn around.) Of course, when I turned back the final time, with Chuck way out 2 miles ahead of me, I decided to not hold back on the final descent. Miles 14 and 15 were 7:49 and 7:33 as I cruised in to the finish.

Thus I completed a step back week – only 40 miles. Of course their was a nice 10K race in there.
btw, I have been progressing on getting the weight down for Boston – I have lost 9 pounds since Dec 20. My current weight is 169. (I want this to be in the low 160s when I go to Boston.)

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  1. I got a kick out of your post. Good job on your fast finish descent. I believe that your core strengthening work with Clay and your weight loss will result in a marathon PR at Boston. Great job!

    • Thinking of the wind as if it were a hill helped me to mentally conquer it. I knew we would get to the top and then we would get to run down the other side!

  2. In the mountains (where real hills live) you can’t tell which way the wind blows or how hard it is blowing. Good job on the make believe hill training! Nice 10K at sub 7 pace!

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