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Thursday workouts!

My plan as I train for Boston is to do some nice long intervals on Thursday mornings. The goal will be 6 miles of repeats of at least 1 mile each. The pace should be just under a 7 minute pace. I met Karl at about 5:30 and started my warm up. After almost 2 miles of warm up we tried our first mile. Mine was 6:59.  As the mile repeats progressed I got faster and then started to fatigue: 6:52, 6:45, 6:50 and 6:59.  After the 5th repeat Karl had to go and I was feeling that “one more” would have been pushing it a little too much based on the slow down in the 5th mile.

After school I laced up and headed out to run with the Hillview kids. They have had a couple of tough workouts already this week so I took it a little easier on them. We did 3 loops around the schools for almost 3 miles. We then had some fun playing a little frisbee golf.

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