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Month: March 2012

Uber Confidence Builder

The Plan: 12 or 13 miles with at least 10 at marathon pace.  The plan was to go to the aqueduct and 60th west at about 6:25, run and easy […]

Miles and Miles

I see that I did not post yesterday.  So, let’s see:  In the morning I headed over to Marie Kerr Park to meet some of my students. We did a […]

Just one Tuesday Workout

I am starting my taper for the Boston Marathon. They say to cut the miles, but not the intensity. So, some Tuesday I have done as many as three workouts. […]


A few days ago I said that I was approaching 1000 and I asked for guesses as to what it was I was approaching. Chuck guessed 1000 friends on facebook […]

Getting ready for Agoura

Ever since I was training for what I call my “breakthrough” marathon – Surf City 2009, I have included a series of Fast Finish Long runs in my training.  Each […]

Almost a marathon

Today is the Los Angeles Marathon. Clay, Justin, Miguel, Chuck, Branden, Fran and Joel are among the 20 something thousand runners running in it. I am waiting to hear if […]

Schedule reshuffling

Today I ran to Jamba Juice. The weather is starting to turn as it gets cold and windy. By tomorrow morning it is supposed to be pretty rainy. In addition […]

3 more workouts!

My last post, on Tuesday outlined three running workouts all in one day. Well, I did it again! Except, these three workouts were spread over two days and one of […]

The more tired, the faster?

Another big Tuesday…… 1) I met Karl at 5:10 am at Joe Walker – yes, that’s right 5:10 in the morning just two days after the time change. The forecast? […]

Just another 20…..

After two days off, due to race directing duties. My body was actually eager to go run. Since I had taken the two days off, I figured it would be […]

Inch worms R us!

Today, I ran 4.5 miles with the team. We did a double hill workout session. We did about 16 reps of 30 seconds uphill. The uphill portion of the run […]

Triple Tuesday!!

It has been awhile since I have started with that title!  Today, things went according to plan.  My thinking was that in this last couple of months of preparation for […]