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Clay posted an article emphasizing the importance of recovery. It was well timed because yesterday I wimped out on most of my morning and all of my afternoon run. Karl and I met at 5:30 and it was terrible. There was a hard bitter cold wind. We jogged a mile and then attempted a mile repeat. Mine was about 7:26 I think. Karl stopped while I jogged a recovery lap. After the recovery lap we both decided that we weren’t doing any good out there so we bagged the workout. Less than an hour later, the wind stopped and it was a beautiful morning.

By 2pm, however, the wind was back howling across the Hillview campus. I left my parka on rather than changing for the workout. I coached the kids through a work out. The only work I got in was quite a bit of lunge matrix lunges trying to get the kids to do a half way decent job with them.

Now today, I had to cancel practice once again. My friends Connie and Dan are getting married tomorrow. I had to go to their rehearsal which started at 4 as I am singing at the wedding. yeah! Connie, btw, is an HDR member and typically wins her age group at local races.

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