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Eighteen Mile Fast Finish √

Today was 18 mile fast finish run day and I had LOTS of company!  Click here for Clay’s post and pictures!

I got to the aqueduct at 7am. Clay was just finishing a 3 mile warm up. Eric was also already out getting in some miles. Jeff, Dave, Sarah, Joel and I joined them and did a 5 mile out and back. The first 5 miles took 41:48. We grabbed some water and headed the other direction for a 5 mile out and back. The next five were just as quick at 41:40.

At this point Clay and Eric headed home. Jeff hung with us for 1 1/2 mile more before heading back to the car. Jeff helped us get our marathon pace miles going. Dave, Sarah, Joel and I headed west for 4 miles and headed back for an 8 mile round trip. The goal was to do the first 6 at 7:30ish and the last two faster. As we headed out we did a 7:28, 7:32, 7:20 and 7:26.  About .2 before our turn around Dave and Sarah turned back. They had been running ahead of the rest of us all morning and had put in a little extra by being ahead of us when we turned in the middle of our first five and our second five. Even still, Joel and I thought they turned a little early…

Heading into the last four Joel and I did 7:25 and 7:29.  Just before the end of mile 16 Joel dropped back and sent me into my fast finish alone. The wind seemed to have shifted as these last two miles seemed partly into the wind (not much wind though) I stepped it up though and did a 7:04 and a 7:01 to finish. As I was racing in on the last 1/10th mile, Sarah and Dave headed back out the other direction. They indeed had miscalculated and had to retrace their steps a little to finish their 18 miles.

Dave, Sarah and I waited a while and then Joel made it back. While we were waiting a young lady ran up with a dog. She looked like she was a very fast runner. I believe she is a friend of Justin’s. She was talking about how much her dog loved to run. I got to thinking that if he got together with Aurora, they would have some awesome running puppies!

Tomorrow, I am thinking of an easy 15 on the aqueduct. My original plan was 10, but with the last two days being so easy I figure I should step it up just a little. I will have to start at 6:15.

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  1. Great job on your 18 mile fast finish workout! Tomorrow morning Lance and I are planning on running 15 miles. We will be there at 6:15.

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