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10 mile recovery run

Yup, that is what it was 10 miles at a very easy pace. I considered going for 15, but with the fatigue from yesterdays 18 mile fast finish I felt it wiser to stick with my original plan of 10. Karl, Lance, Chuck and I started at 6:15. We did about 6 1/2 together before Karl had to turn back. A little later, Chuck was feeling like he needed to slow down so Lance and I started to go ahead. At around 7 I had come to the quit at 10 decision, but Lance was looking like he wanted to speed up. So, Lance sped up and I waited a bit for Chuck and we finished 10 together.

I am moving my Thursday morning mile repeats to Tuesday morning. I am typically fresher on Tuesday than Thursday so this will emphasize this workout and deemphasize the Tuesday evening workout. On Tuesday evenings I will just take a let’s see what I can do approach.

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  1. While reading your post I found myself thinking about how far apart our conditioning is. What you call a very easy 10 miler was my fastest time this year for that distance. It is great to see you running so well. I am very excited for you!

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