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Watch out Pentagenarians…..

I am not sure if that is a word or if I just made it up. Spell check says no… But if octogenarian is a word, why not pentagenarian?  Today, I turn 50 years old. Wow. I guess it is just a number but being over 50 puts me into the 2nd half of 100 and very few live to be 100.  That sounds depressing doesn’t it?  Of course, my dad always used to say that he didn’t mind growing old because it sure beat the alternative.

On the other hand, living a life here on earth is not the end. I believe that there is an eternity where Jesus Christ is Lord and things are finally run according to his perfect will. It will be an awesome place to be! But here and now, I am still healthy and still running pretty fast!  It has been a year since I set a PR, but I believe that to be more a factor of injury than of age. I plan on training hard and training smart and trying to see how much fitter and faster I can get before the eventual degeneration of this life begins. I plan on going for more PRs for the next few years.  Then I will try to be the fittest fastest age group runner I can be. Then,  well…. I wonder what it will finally feel like to “run and not get weary.” (Isaiah 40:31)

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