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6 times 1 mile under 7 minutes √

Part of my plan building for Boston was to do a series of workouts totaling 6 miles at 10K (6:40) to half marathon (7:00) pace. A few weeks ago I succeeded in 4 repeats and then I did 5. Today, Karl met me at 5:30 am at Joe Walker to go for 6. We warmed up a little more than a mile and got right to it. The weather forecast was for some strong wind, but it was not bad at all out there. Also, the temperature was around 50 degrees so it was warmer than the last few weeks.

Well, I did it!  6:59, 6:57, 6:50, 6:51, 6:54, and 6:45. 

Karl was well ahead of me on each of the first 5. For the 6th, though I have to credit him for reviving my workout. He paced me to that 6:45! 

In the middle of the workout, Tiffany ran by with her dog. She asked what the workout was, so I thought she might join us, but after jogging a half lap between Karl and I (note: jogging faster than my mile repeat pace) she headed off on her way. She is one fast young lady.

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