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Triple Tuesday!!

It has been awhile since I have started with that title!  Today, things went according to plan.  My thinking was that in this last couple of months of preparation for Boston I should be emphasizing cruise intervals and de-emphasizing speed work.

The problem has been that I still coach and run the Tuesday night speed work session. I love running the speed work session. So, I end up running it pretty much full tilt. Then on Wednesday evening I go over to Clay’s and he finds new and amazing ways to further stress my body in various forms of strength work. Then I go home, eat, relax, go to bed and wake up crazy early for the all important cruise intervals (mile repeats.) Five weeks ago I started with a workout of mile, 800, mile and 800. Four weeks ago I ran 4 mile repeats in: 7:02, 6:58, 6:50, 6:54.  I took the following week off before racing the YMCA 10K. Two weeks ago I took my first attempt of nailing those 6 miles: 6:59, 6:52, 6:45, 6:50 and 6:59. You may notice that that was only 5. I stopped at 5 because I felt like I was definitively done. Last week, attempt #2 at the 6 miles was cut short after just one repeat. The morning was so cold and windy we gave up.

The wind and the cold was a factor, but each Thursday morning I felt fatigued starting the workout. So this week we switched it up. Tuesday mile repeats. I already wrote about how well that went this morning.

Of course, after that workout, I still had my normal Tuesday to do. So, after school I ran 3.5 easy with the kids. I had them run the middle mile of their workout fast. We also did some core work – in the gym – it was getting COLD!

Now of course, 6 pm came along and it was time for the Tuesday night HDR workout.  The winds were consistently in the 20s. The wind chill was down in the low 30s. It was so bad out there that only 7 runners showed up: Miguel, Lance, Alexi, Brenda, Debra, Leo, Clare and myself. It was so bad that……. wait for it……. I wore long pants!

Last week we had trouble staying warm during the recoveries. So tonight I minimized them. We did 3 time 9 minutes! On the 9s we ran 300 meters hard and rested through the 100 meter headwind. For myself it worked out pretty well – I was able to just get 5 reps of 300 meters (with the 100 recoveries) within the the 9 minutes. Each of the 3 repeats, I ended up just a little farther. I got good reviews on the workout.

All totaled I ended up with a 20 mile day…. on a Tuesday…..

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