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Inch worms R us!

Today, I ran 4.5 miles with the team. We did a double hill workout session. We did about 16 reps of 30 seconds uphill. The uphill portion of the run began at 45th and N. We ran west up Ave N then South up 55th until the end of the road. I of course was too tired from yesterday to do anymore than just jog along.

Later, of course I headed to Clay’s. Today 4 of the Desert Christian boys were there getting help from Clay as well. My workouts are getting a little more independent as Clay’s attention is divided. I started with the same 5 reps of 30s on the ski erg machine. Today I made it to 132, 132, 131, 130 and 131. I played catch with the 6 pound ball on the rebounder while standing on one leg. That was actually a little hard to do. I did 40 ball slams with the 20 pounder and 10 reps at 10 pounds.

Next it was time for the inchworm: Lauren said she wanted to see inchworms so…….

After the inchworms I added some kettlebell lifts and some therebesques. And I played goalie for a while as Clay tried to throw a ball past me. I did some jumps and hops and such as well…

167 pounds today!!

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