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Just another 20…..

After two days off, due to race directing duties. My body was actually eager to go run.

Since I had taken the two days off, I figured it would be good to go out and do 20.  Now, in order to finish 20 before church on a Sunday I have to start at 5:30.  With the time change last night that would have been like starting at 4:30 – in the dark. Chuck is off watching spring baseball so he would not be on the aqueduct. Furthermore, the HDR monthly trail run was today so most other potential Sunday morning running partners would be there.  So I got a hold of Lauren and we planned out a Sunday afternoon run.

Sunday afternoons usually work well for me. I can be windy (but so can it be in the morning) but my body just works well. I eat a nice big breakfast, go to church, come home, have some water and a gel, change and head out the door. Typically I arrange for Cheryl to pick me up someplace. Often at the theatre, where I change and then go watch a movie!

No movie plan today, though. I ran from my house west on Elizebeth Lake road to the aqueduct and then headed southeast to ave S. From there I took ave S west up the hill into the major headwind. I headed to Lauren’s house and timed it to arrive with 8 miles complete by 2 pm. We headed from her house back up to Ave S and back down to the aqueduct. We headed south east on the aqueduct all the way to Pearblossom Hwy. This section had winds that were definitely more of a hindrance than a help as they were coming up out of the south south west. From Pearblossom Hwy, we headed down 25th and through the neighborhoods all the way to the Super Target at 47th East. You would think we would have some major help from the wind, but now we were in well protected neighborhoods.

All totaled, I did 20 miles in 2:51:06 for an 8:33 average pace. My average pace getting to Lauren’s was much slower than the average pace as we ran together. I am not going to list all the splits but the range from 8:04 to 8:35 as we ran together.  Thanks Lauren.

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