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3 more workouts!

My last post, on Tuesday outlined three running workouts all in one day. Well, I did it again! Except, these three workouts were spread over two days and one of them did not include much running.  So, I guess I really didn’t do it again. I do have three workouts in one post, again, however…..

Yesterday, I passed on running with my Hillview team. I was adding up miles in my head and realized that I did not need to run with them as my total will likely be in the high 60s this week. So, I hung out and coached. Coaching cross country, by the way is a very relaxing thing to do when you don’t run along with the team. Jen Smith commented today that when she saw me hanging around yesterday waiting for the kids to be picked up after practice I looked pretty tired and that today I looked less tired. I told her I was so tired because I did not run. So, let me rephrase my statement:  Coaching cross country is very relaxing when you don’t run along with the team. When you do run, it is even more relaxing!

Since yesterday was Wednesday, I did get to go to Clays for a workout. I did my 10 minute bike ride, some 100m ski erg sprints (22.5, 21.4, 21.6, 21.4), 5 x 10 ball slams with a 20 pound medicine ball, inch worms, band walks, back arches and sags, one legged jumps, some games of catch, and a few runs pulling Clay around the workout room.  Today, I am noticing it in my hamstrings – no pain, but they are a bit tired.

Today, I got up and ran an easy 5 with Chuck. We did not even look at our clocks on our way out on the aqueduct. It was dark and we were enjoying the conversation. After the 3rd mile Chuck asked about the pace and I glanced we were a little slower than 9 at the time. My legs were feeling dead, but okay. We did not try to speed up, but when we approached the finish line I saw the clock counting toward 45. I hit the button at the line and it read 45:00.12.  Pretty much exactly 45 minutes. We may have had a little wind assistance that last mile.

This afternoon I met the kids and we did a form drill workout. This included a warmup just under 2 miles and then 14 repeats of different skips and form drills. Each one is done for the width of three basketball courts with a climb between each court as they are terraced on different levels. After the drill you jog back, the sprint the same three courts, then walk back. Wearing my Garmin it said we did almost 2 miles of this! Once I had completed the workout and got into the drills I was feeling pretty smooth and strong. I am noticing that relative to the kids I am improving!  We finished with a half mile cool down.

Tomorrow: Jamba Run with the team to celebrate the last day before our spring break!

Saturday: 22 mile long run with Boston Hill simulations.

Sunday: 12 miles with 10 at marathon goal pace.

Next Saturday is the Great Race of Agoura’s Pacific Half Marathon. This will be my 20 mile fast finish long run. I will get there early, do a 6.9 mile warm up, and then hop into the Half Marathon. The first 3 miles include one big hill. I will take these three miles easy. Once at the top of the hill I will run at Marathon Pace effort and try for faster at the end!

One more thing: next week I will hit 1000!  You have to guess 1000 what!

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