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Schedule reshuffling

Today I ran to Jamba Juice. The weather is starting to turn as it gets cold and windy. By tomorrow morning it is supposed to be pretty rainy. In addition to the weather there is a couple of reasons I am looking at tweaking my weekend plan. Reason number two is that for some reason I am really sore in the glutes and hamstrings today. I think I overdid some jumping last night. I was jumping off of a box at one point and just kind of kept doing it for awhile. I totally lost count of how many I did. Of course then I did form drills yesterday. ¬†Reason number three is my daughter’s wedding. I was just thinking it would be nice not to be super fatiqued from a 22 miler the morning of her wedding. Finally, it is looking like no one is available to run on either day.

So I am most likely pushing the 22 miler to Sunday afternoon – I will still be on my own, but at least it shouldn’t be raining as much. My 13 mile mostly marathon pace run will be pushed to Monday morning. Jeff Smith is available to help me out with this one. Of course this would in turn affect my Tuesday mile repeats, but I think I can do them on Wednesday – I hope Karl can work with me….

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