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Almost a marathon

Today is the Los Angeles Marathon. Clay, Justin, Miguel, Chuck, Branden, Fran and Joel are among the 20 something thousand runners running in it. I am waiting to hear if it rained on them.  I went online and saw some pretty good results: Justin was around 2:31 and I believe he was using it as a training run! Miguel Onofre ran his first marathon in 3:10:35!  Nice! Joel looks like he had a good day at 3:35:41. Clay was shooting for around 4 hours and he made it at  3:57:02. Chuck finished 20 something LA Marathons in a row with a 4:51.  I see Fran has 5:24:54 and as of this post Branden is not yet finished.

So in honor of all the marathon runners, I ran my own (almost) marathon. My time was 3:07:48 so I beat everyone but Justin. Of course, I also chose to forgo the last 4.2 miles.  I got up early this morning and used one of my old tricks for squeezing a long run into a Sunday. I ran to church. I left right about 6 am and headed northwest. (My church is east.) I took a circuitous route over to the Rancho Vista area and did my “Newton Hills.”  From there I zigged and zagged all the way to East Palmdale.

Tomorrow I plan to follow up my run with 13 miles – 10 at marathon pace. Any of you LA Marathon runners want to join in?

Congrats to all the LA Marathon Runners!

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  1. Great job on your 22 miler! Was the 3:07:48 gun time and the 3:07:42 chip time?

    I’ll pass on joining you for your 13 miler.

  2. No thank you, I don’t want to lose my legs on your 13 miler :D. As for your 3:07 *cough*cheater*cough*, I’m hoping to do better NEXT year so you won’t beat me. 🙂 Thank you for looking us up, appreciate the support.

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