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If you don’t like the weather….

wait a minute.

This morning I met Jeff Smith at “the diamonds.”  The diamonds are the street barricades at the end of P12 behind Highland High School. We met at 6:45. I pulled up in my van and opened the door and felt an artic blast of air. It was so cold and so strong I just shut the door and stayed in the van. After a moment or two I tried again. I got out of the van but stayed partially protected by the car door as Jeff and I discussed options. We could go up to the aqueduct as planned and fight the wind or we could stay on the streets where the wind would be a little better, but we would also have hills.

The purpose of the workout was marathon paced miles and the forecast called for wind FROM THE WEST NORTHWEST so I opted for the aqueduct. It was so cold that I left my hooded sweatjacket on over my two running shirts. We trudged our way up ave P12 and onto the aqueduct. That first mile was 11:15. As we continued I was almost immediately regretting my decision. The aqueduct had white caps! Mile two took 9:38. I was thinking to myself that marathon paced miles were not going to happen. I resigned myself to fighting the wind going out and hoping for the best on the way back.

Then as the sun rose over the horizon, somehow the wind seemed to just stop! The mile splits for 4, 5, and 6 were 8:28, 8:30 and 8:16! At 6 we turned around and sped up to marathon goal pace of 7:30-7:35. It took a while to dial in the pace but the rest of the run went pretty smoothly: 7:38, 7:31, 7:33, 7:32, 7:28 and 7:24.  We could have gone a bit quicker, but we sometimes we were getting distracted by lots of conversation.

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  1. WOW. You’re a better man than me (also because I’m not a man at all) but I would have stayed inside the van. Kudos for braving the arctic weather AND meeting the intended goal of the run!

    Some day I will post splits like yours… until then my 12 minute miles will simply have to do! 🙂


  2. Great job running the last 6 miles at marathon pace. It is very encouraging to see that you were able to hit your miles at marathon pace a day after a 22 miler. You are in great shape!

    PS….you trudged through your first mile at my marathon pace.

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