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Twosday Night HDR workout

My make shift sign in sheet has 13 names on it.  I KNOW there had to be way more than 13 runners out there tonight. It is the first day of spring and the weather must have read the calendar. It was beautiful, cool and calm for our workout. I know there were way more than 20 out there, but unfortunately, I do not remember all the rest of the runners.

Anyway, tonight all we did was two minute repeats with two minute recoveries – 9 repeats. I planned to take it a bit easier tonight after running 34 miles in the last two days. So we warmed up and then off we went. Neil and Justin Koo headed off to the front. George Durr and Lauren were next along with myself and the rest of the pack. I felt comfortable and relaxed. I noted that Lauren was around 90s for her split. Mine was 1:38. I think to myself, but that was kind of easy. 2 minute interval after 2 minute interval went by and my splits were 1:35 to 1:37. As the repeats went on, though George and Lauren stayed out there ahead of me. I got a touch faster and they slowed somewhat, but the order stayed the same. Now I would expect Lauren to be good at a workout like this, but I have never seen George get all the way through a workout that well.

As the 9th interval began I sensed everyone really jumping off the line. I could not resist and I went with them. After 300 meters I was right behind George with Lauren right to the side. At the 400 I noticed 1:28. I surged into the 2nd lap and at 500 I pulled alongside George. I felt myself smile from the fun of the chase, but I still felt relaxed and smooth. George dug deep and stayed with me as I pulled aside. I was content to stay at his side as the 2 minute time beeped. We were a little past 550 meters. Lauren was right behind us. Great job George! Great job Lauren!

Miguel came out to visit with us but he did not run. He, of course, deserved a break after his 3:10:35 effort at the Los Angeles Marathon Sunday. He and Neil were asking me if he qualified for Boston. Unfortunately, no. For 2013 a young man like Miguel has to run faster than 3:05 to qualify for Boston. I believe Miguel can do it though. L. A. was his first marathon!


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