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Slow Start – but a good workout

This morning I met Karl at 5:30 for mile repeats at Joe Walker. I was a little apprehensive that I had pushed too hard last night, but overall I was feeling okay. I was thinking, going into the workout that we could do mile, mile, two mile, mile, mile.

After our warm up we took off for the first mile. My first lap was 1:40 so I was off to a good start. I was not able to hold the pace though and by the end of the mile 7 minutes and 2 seconds had elapsed. I was not too concerned though as the first mile of all my early morning workouts have been right at 7 minutes. After a total of 9 minutes (only 2 minutes recovery interval) we took off for rep number 2. Again the first lap was around 1:40 but I slowed even more to 7:07. Karl asked if I wanted to try the two mile rep, but I replied, “I can’t even hit the ones!” During the recovery I considered bagging the workout but I decided that given how hard the last few days have been, even if I did not hit my intended splits the workout would be worthwhile. When you are putting out appropriate effort, you get the appropriate physiological benefit regardless of what the clock says. The clock does not know your current physical state or other extenuating circumstances.

Speaking of extenuating circumstances, the sprinklers were on on the infield of the track. Sometimes they were spraying onto the track. It was a nice morning, no wind, but still it was in the forties. You don’t run through the sprinklers in the forties! So I may have lost a second or two here or there running around them. Also, at times I had difficulty reading my splits. It was dark and the mist from running close to the sprinkler spray clouded my glasses!

Back to the workout: On the third mile, I focused on keeping a quick turnover in spite of feeling some fatigue. This time I held the pace much better and finished with a 6:51. On number 4, there was even more improvement: 6:49. With two to go, I decided to go for that two mile rep. I still only had a two minute recovery and I took off. I backed off just a bit from the previous two and ran through the first mile in around 6:57 (I didn’t push the button and my glasses were foggy.) As I continued into the mile two I just focused on turnover. I was feeling pretty tired. Karl hung back from his quicker miles at ran just ahead of me for encouragement. The total for miles 5 and 6 was 13:53 so that last mile was somewhere around 6:56!

After a couple hours of rest, I met the kids at Marie Kerr Park for our Hillview workout. We did our Gilligan’s Island loop. This is just under 5 miles and it is pretty hilly. I hung back and took it as easy as I could.

14 miles today! 54 miles since Sunday! Now, other than Clay’s workout this evening, I look forward to a couple of easy recovery days!  Then Saturday I am off to the Great Race of Agoura’s Pacific Half Marathon. There I will do my ‘patented’ 7 mile warm up followed by a Half Marathon at marathon goal pace – hopefully ending with a strong finish!

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  1. Your body only knows effort and duration. That being said, if you run the first mile too fast, say 6:20, and then can only run 7:20 for the rest you wouldn’t get the same stimulus as you would if you can hit them all around your threshold pace, even though you will feel very tired in both senarios.

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