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A few days ago I said that I was approaching 1000 and I asked for guesses as to what it was I was approaching. Chuck guessed 1000 friends on facebook and Clay guessed 1000 posts on my blog. Clay was right. This is my official 1000th post on this blog. Clay and Karl got me into this running blog thing. I wonder if either of them are up to 1000 posts yet?

Yesterday, I expressed that I was pleased with the results of the half marathon/20 mile fast finish long run, but in all honesty any time I do less than I have done before in something I am not fully pleased. Chuck asked last night how my training the week leading up to the 2010 Pacific Half compared to this time. I had glanced at that yesterday, but I focused on the weekend long run workouts. The weekend prior to the 2010 version included 10 miles at marathon pace on Saturday followed by 20 easy miles on Sunday. This time the preceding weekend was tougher. I postponed Saturday and Sunday to Sunday and Monday. On Sunday I ran 22 miles – that was probably my longest training run ever. Then the next day I did 12 more with the last 6 at marathon pace.

The big difference between then and now occurred mid-week. In 2010 I did a Tuesday night HDR workout and 5 easy runs all 5 miles or less. This time of course I did the Tuesday night HDR workout and followed it the next morning with the mile repeats with Karl! I was definitely less fresh for this race.

Today, I met Chuck and Lance and together we did the same thing as I did two years ago: an easy 5 miles. Well, Chuck kept going so he did more.

Now with three weeks to go, I am planning to do things a little differently. I have studied my top 3 marathons: Surf City 2009 3:21:50, CIM 2009 3:19:48 and Boston 2010 3:19:20. One interesting thing is that at Surf City I felt the strongest at the end. I finished with miles of 7:09 and 6:53! Studying my taper leading into these three marathons I have noticed that the taper leading into Surf city was less of a taper. 2 weekends before the race I did a 16 miler AND a 13 mile marathon pace run! When I compare the performance management chart for the three races (and my other marathons) I see that my Chronic Training Load (my fitness) took a much less of a dip leading into Surf City.

So, I have designed my taper this time after the Surf City Taper. I plan on scaling down my long run from 22 to 18, but I also plan to run a 13 mile marathon pace run. I think I will do the marathon pace run on Saturday and follow it with the long run on Sunday. I will do my mile repeats on Tuesday and the HDR workout Tuesday night.

The following week I will do a 12 miler with 6 at marathon pace and an easy 10.

Both weeks I will begin to cut some of the other easy mileage.

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  1. Congrats on the blogging. You are as consistent with the blogging as you are with your running. It has been fun to follow your training week by week. Did you know there is a site called where you can upload your blog and have it printed in a bound book? Something to consider. I have friends that make a book after every year like a journal. It can have photos too and you can make changes and customize once you have it uploaded. Something to think about.

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