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Just one Tuesday Workout

I am starting my taper for the Boston Marathon. They say to cut the miles, but not the intensity. So, some Tuesday I have done as many as three workouts. Today, I just did the one. It was one of my favorites!

Tonight we did partner intervals! We chose partners of similar ability. My partner was one of my Hillview boys – Bradley. We started at the middle of the straightway. As we started, he took off for a lap. While he was running I jogged across the midfield and gave him a high five as he went by and jogged back to the other side of the field. When he finished his lap he gave me a high five and I took off for a lap. Of course Bradley had to meet me on the far side and back at the start. We took turns doing our laps for 18 minutes! After time was up some of the runners seemed surprised when I announced that we had finished part 1!

Part 2 was similar, but included 200 meter reps instead of 400s. I ran 200 meters while Bradley jogged across to wait for me. I high fived Bradley and he took off for the 2nd half of the lap. We also did this for 18 minutes. I saw some pretty exhausted runners when we were done!

The turnout was good tonight – 22 runners!

I intentionally did not look at my splits during the workout. I simply focused on running smooth with good form.

20 Days till Boston!


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