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Miles and Miles

I see that I did not post yesterday.  So, let’s see:  In the morning I headed over to Marie Kerr Park to meet some of my students. We did a workout that included a series of form drills!  In the evening I headed over to Clay’s and he had me do a circuit workout. This is a series of exercises performed back to back with as little rest between as possible. He had me do:

2 x 30s on the ski erg machine
10 x ball slams with 20# medicine ball
20 x Val Slides
2 x across the room band walks
15 x pushups
15 x burpees
20 x Val Slides (again)
1 x across the room Inch Worm

The first set was already pretty difficult. The ski erg numbers were 136 and 137 (good numbers!) I did the the Val Slides as 20 per leg and it was tough. 15 pushups, is also right at my limit.  After the burpees, I figured that maybe Clay meant 10 per leg on the Val Slides so I skipped the 2nd set.

On the 2nd set my ski erg numbers were 131 and 132. I did the Val Slides at 10 per leg, but did it both times in the set. I finished the set in 8:24.

Clay (who had been busy with a patient during the first two sets) came out to “supervise” and video. I am sure I will be featured on his blog soon. The ski ergs were still in the 130s. By the time I got to the pushups I was getting really fatigued so he had me cut them and the burpees to 10 reps. I finished the set in 7:22

Today, my glutes are a bit sore – so I have NOT been consistent enough in my strength training!  I need to do more Val Slides. What I need to do is come up with a schedule for my strength and core work and follow it as religiously as I do my running plan!

Speaking of my running plan – I have been consistently doing a weekly long interval workout with Karl. Today Karl and I met at 5:30 at Joe Walker. I was thinking to myself as I drove over there, in the dark, that I must be pretty committed or maybe I should be committed. Here I am on my week off, getting up at 4:30 to go meet up and run at 5:30 when I could just sleep in and run later!  It is better, though to train with a friend then it is to do hard workouts on your own.  So, today’s workout was just like last week’s.  We warmed up and then did a mile repeat. I just got in under 7 minutes with a 6:59. As we were running this repeat, Clay came running up!  On mile #2 Karl and I started, but as I began lap #3 Clay joined in and ran it with me. Mile #2 was 6:54. The pattern from the last few weeks continued as intervals 3 and 4 were faster still: 6:44 and 6:42.  Each time Clay timed it so that he could run the last two laps of my mile with me.

After the fourth mile we did our recovery jog and Clay and Karl discussed whether to do 1 or 2. They asked me and I said I was thinking about it. Soon, it was apparent that they meant 1 or 2 more mile repeats, but I was thinking do I do the last two together or separate. After each of the previous miles Karl and I had done a short 2 minute, 200 meter recovery, but now we were in the midst of a full lap so I said if I am doing a full lap recovery then I am finishing with a 2 mile interval.

After 3 minutes to recover Karl and I started off again. Karl pulled away a little quicker this time as I held back a little compared with the last two mile repeats. After 2 laps Clay joined me. After a mile Karl stopped. I am not sure of his time but he was more than 150 meters ahead of me, so it was quick! My time for the mile was 6:57 as Clay and I kept going. After 6 laps and 10:24 I realized that I had to bear down to stay under 7 min/mile pace for the second mile. Karl joined in and gave us someone to chase for those last two laps. I think Clay and I picked it up a little. The 2nd mile ended up being a 6:55. I had a 13:52 total for the two mile interval.

After Boston, I want to focus on the 10K. My 10K PR is 41:28.3 which is a 6:40 per mile pace. If I am doing 6 miles of repeats in the ballpark of 6:40 I could be getting close to where I could beat this PR.


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  1. Dale,
    My last one was 6:09! I figured it was going to be my last one, I was feeling good, and I knew I had 2 laps recovery time before you would catch me.
    Good job on your core workouts. I would taper them out over the next two weeks as well and then start them up again consistently after Boston. I recommend doing the circuit training on the same day as your hard workouts. That way your recovery days are true recovery.
    Looking forward to following you and the rest of the HDR runners in Boston.


  2. Great workout! I am really looking forward to tracking you in Boston. I am confident that your commitment is going to payoff with a marathon PR.

    I like your idea of attempting a 10K PR after Boston. The combination of long runs and mile repeats are great training for the 10K. I ran my 10K PR in Seal Beach 2 weeks before the 2002 Boston Marathon.

  3. All of your posts make me want to go and do speed work to improve my times…. but I have no idea how to even start. I think I’m going to go back and read your blog from the start to see if I can pick up any tips and hints. And a 6:40 mile? WOW. Way impressive.

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