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Uber Confidence Builder

The Plan: 12 or 13 miles with at least 10 at marathon pace.  The plan was to go to the aqueduct and 60th west at about 6:25, run and easy 2 miles out and a marathon pace two miles back. Then Jeff would join me for 8 more marathon goal pace miles.

The reality.  I got up and went to the rest room. In my tiny rest room, if it is windy outside you can hear it through the vent. It sounded really windy. I checked the weather and it said 12-14 mph southwest winds, that would only get worse as the day went along. I began to dread the run. It is REALLY difficult to do any specific pace on the aqueduct in the wind. The aqueduct meanders as it is nestled along the side of the hills. Your running direction relative to the wind is always changing AND due to the hills, the direction of the wind itself is always changing. Ask anyone who runs the aqueduct and they will tell you that when you run in the wind on the aqueduct it feels like you are running into the wind BOTH ways!

So, I started weighing my options: postpone today and tomorrow to tomorrow and Monday or somehow make it work. Then I came up with plan B.  I called Jeff and asked him to meet me behind Highland, very near his house. Then I woke my very supportive wife and asked her if she could pick the two of us up at the Sierra Hwy Bike path at around 8:20. Jeff and Cheryl both agreed and a great run was in the making!

I parked by the Diamonds (west end of Ave P12) and ran 1 mile west up the road and into the wind. The wind, by the way, at this point turned out to be almost non-existent. Once the sun rose, it seemed to let up quite a bit. After a mile I turned and ran back down the road to the diamonds where I met Jeff. From there we ran down P8 to 15th to o8 to Sierra Hwy and we took the Sierra Hwy Bike Path to ave J. Together Jeff and I ran 10, so I ran 12 altogether – 11 of them at marathon goal pace or faster. On the early eastward portions of the run, we actually encountered some partial headwind. The wind at times was coming from the south south east. Once we got to the bike path and headed due north, the wind was a friendly ally.

Normally, on a marathon goal pace run I try to run marathon goal pace. If I am feeling faster, I hold back. Since the course today was friendly I decided to just run smooth and relaxed. Jeff and I were able to talk and chat the whole way. I noticed that some of my splits were really good, but as we ran I did not even bother to check on all of them. Now that I am home and have downloaded them, wow, we were moving pretty well out there this morning:

Mile 1/2 mile split Mile Split
1 5:00 10:16
2 3:42 7:29
3 3:39 7:15
4 3:42 7:22
5 3:42 7:22
6 3:40 7:23
7 3:39 7:24
8 3:32 7:03
9 3:31 7:03
10 3:32 7:03
11 3:34 7:08
12 3:30 7:03

If you look at the totals, the average pace comes out to 7:29 even if you count the mile warm up uphill! Counting just the 11:


all 12 miles miles 2-12
TOTAL TIME 1:29:52 1:19:36
AVERAGE PACE 7:29 7:14

So, as the blog title says, today’s run was an uber confidence builder. I believe my training compares very well with my previous best marathons. But, last weeks time was a little off compared to that same race two years ago….

But today, after being too sore to run or do much yesterday (Clay’s exercises got me,) to be able to comfortable cruise and converse as so quick a pace. Today’s run was awesome!  Thanks Jeff!

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