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With a title like that you might think you are reading Clay’s blog. I believe he and Dave and ?? were heading off to run bunches of miles up in the mountains today. My plan, however, was much simpler: 15-18 miles on the aqueduct.  I got to the aqueduct and started running at 6:15 am. It was windy! The wind was coming from the northwest, so as you run the 2.5 miles out – you might as well be running up a hill. Miles 1 and 2 were 9:31 and 9:19. The wind never let up and I had to fight it all the way to the 2.5 mile turnaround. Mile 3 was 8:50. Coming back, running the “downhill (wind)” portion I ran 8:03 and 8:12 for a 43:56 5 mile split.

As I drew near to the end (start) I noticed 3 runners waiting to start the next loop with me. The first two were obviously Chuck and Lance. While still a ways out a black lab run up to me, and I knew that the third was Tiffany. The four (five if you count the dog) started back into the wind. Tiffany is much faster than the rest of us, but she was someone new to talk to so we all picked it up and tried to keep up. I am sure she was running VERY easy. Running with Tiffany into the headwind we ran 8:25 and 8:37. Chuck kept engaging her in conversation. Chuck, by the way, is very good at that. He is not one of those persons who talks a lot just for the sake of talking, but he asks good questions of those around him and he keeps people involved in a conversation. Of course, having someone new to run with makes it easy to ask questions. Mile 8, with the turn around was 8:23. The wind was really pushing now as Mile 9 was 7:39. I decided I was working a little too hard and so I backed off here. Chuck and Lance kept pushing and stayed with Tiffany for another mile. My 10th was 8:02 and I was probably around 20s behind them at the turn around. I think my 5 mile split was 40:30.

I paused for some water as the three pulled a little farther ahead heading back into the wind. I started out behind them. I had my head down a bit so that the wind would not blow my hat off. Every now and then I would glance up and it seemed that just maybe I was slowly gaining on them. About a half mile in Tiffany turned around and headed back. So, unless she went off on her own she did a very easy (for her) 6 miles. by the end of mile 11 (8:31) I knew that I was definitely gaining on Chuck and Lance. I surged a few times and drew closer, but the wind was getting even tougher. I caught them and then eased into their pace. Mile 12 was 8:53. The rest of the way we stayed together: 9:15, 8:20 and 8:02.  43:03 for the 5 mile split.

During March I ran 231 Miles Training for Boston.

I did a little 2010 vs 2012 mileage check:

2010 2012
January 208 164
February 190 215
March 245 231

It is a nice comparison. The February / March total for this year actually exceeds that of 2010!

15 days till Boston!

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  1. You are in awesome shape! Great job sticking to your training plan. When you fell behind us the photo of Desi from your 2/9/12 post came to mind. I new that it was just a matter of time before you caught Lance and I.

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