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Confidence Builder #2

Today was the first official day of Hillview track practice. I coached and did not run. It is too early to say much about the team, but it will be big and it will be strong. I like our chances of winning the league again!

I passed on running with the kids because I am tapering. The idea of tapering is to cut the volume of your training but not the intensity. Most of the runs I do with my kids are my easy or my recovery runs, so when I taper, it is these runs that I cut back on. Tonight, however, was the Tuesday night speed workout. This was my chance to maintain the intensity!

Once again we had a big crowd. I count 26 runners! Even without the Harrison family we set a record! Neil Small was missing as well.  Maybe he is recovering from a 16:20 5K at the Carlsbad 5000!  Good Job Neil.  There was a new guy there, Ervin Velasquez. Without Neil, Ervin ran away from everyone on every interval. The only one close was Miguel.  Well sometimes the Desert Christian Middle School boys – Joseph Biel and Michael Mayes were close!

As for me, I had a really good workout! The workout was 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1.  On the first one, I encouraged every one not to go too fast and for the most part, everyone did.  I noticed on the two, that my lap split was 1:31. The 1:31 surprised me, because it was a pretty windy evening! ( says it is 15 mph)  Here is my splits and total distances:

400m split 800m split Total Distance
1 minute 260
2 minute 1:31 530
3 minute 1:33 780
4 minute 1:32 3:03 1020
4 minute 1:32 3:06 1010
3 minute 1:34 780
2 minute 1:35 510
1 minute 260
20 minutes 5150

The parts that excite me the most are the 4 minute totals – each more than 1000 meters – each faster than 20 minute 5k pace, and the overall total: more than 5000 meters in 20 minutes!  Woo Hoo!

George Durr kept up with me just about every interval tonight. Well, I was ahead on the fours, we were even on most of the rest. He is running VERY well. He says he has been doing some swimming and cycling along with the running. Go George!


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