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Look what I can do!!!!

I have been doing a routine with my kids for years that I call ab killers.  They are really just a basic plank routine. I have posted a link in the right hand column with pictures and explanations. Being able to hold each of the plank positions establishes a base line of core fitness. As one progresses with them he or she should add leg lifts to them. I have become pretty good at adding the leg lifts to the push ups, the bridges and the table tops. I have not been able to add a leg lift to the “surfboards” or to the side planks.

A couple of days ago, though, I was doing the set with the kids, and encouraging them to try to add leg lifts.  I caution them not to add a leg lift unless they can do so WITHOUT letting their mid section drop! Anyway, we were doing the side planks and a couple of the kids were able to add a leg lift. Most could not. I attempted one just to show them what I meant. Voila! The leg went right on up and I was able to comfortably hold it there for 8 to 10 seconds! Now, this may not seem like much but every time I have attempted to lift the upper leg on a side plank, it would go up about 1/2 inch for about 1/10 th of a second and then drop back down onto the other foot. Yesterday, we did it again and I was showing it off for the kids! I decided I had to put a picture here!

My friend and co-coach Jake was tormenting me as he took the picture. “Wait, hang on, I need to zoom in, no, that’s too much, that’s better, now, let me zoom out more, do I just push the little camera picture here?, this is not like my phone, wow, this zoom’s better than my iphone…..” I think I held it WAY more than 10 seconds!

Side note: My wife just looked at the picture. She got on the floor and said now how do you do this?  Then she did it!!! Well, for me anyway, it was a big deal! 

The run workout yesterday was our “Boulders Bluff” run with a couple of strides when we got back to the school. We followed that up with the Ab Killer routine.

Today, I met Jeff behind Highland. I got there early and ran a couple of miles easy. Then Jeff and his sister, who is visiting from Utah, met me. We ran up to the aqueduct and then northwest a little past 60th. We maintained an easy pace for the 5 miles out and then picked it up to marathon goal pace on the way back. The last two miles we picked it up to a fast finish.

Splits Splits
1/2 mile 1 mile
Mile 1 4:15 8:46
Mile 2 4:22 8:42
Mile 3 5:01 9:45
Mile 4 4:12 8:26
Mile 5 4:06 8:13
Mile 6 4:05 8:05
Mile 7 4:10 8:12
Mile 8 3:42 7:27
Mile 9 3:42 7:25
Mile 10 3:46 7:27
Mile 11 3:30 6:58
Mile 12 3:19 6:42
Total Time 1:36:07
Average Pace 8:00

There are only 9 days till Boston!  I have been checking the forecast on my cell phone and it calls for rain and wind! However, as I look at it online this could be a VERY good thing. They are forecasting 9 mph winds with stronger gusts FROM THE SOUTHWEST! Boston’s course runs from the southwest to the northeast! If the current forecast holds up we well be running Boston with a tailwind!

With or without the tailwind, I am feeling confident. I have done my homework. I have completed my fast finish set of runs 16, 18 and 20.  I have done 4 20 milers. I have done a 22 miler. I have done a bunch of runs at marathon pace or faster. I have done weekly mile long intervals with 6 reps at or under 7 pace. I have maintained the weekly speed workout peaking at 6:20 average pace last this week. I have completed total weekly mileages of 50 to 61 through the months of February and March. I am stronger, probably, than I have ever been, as witnessed in the silly picture above. Finally, this morning I weighed in at 166. I will be racing Boston at least 5 pounds lighter than I have raced any of my other marathons.

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  1. Thanks for posting the workout Dale! I’ve been doing these after runs and can feel the difference they are making!

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