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Is 22 miles in 2 days tapering?

The short answer is, that depends on what you did the weeks before. Last week it was 27, the week before 25 (including the Pacific Half marathon), before that 34, before that 20, then 28, then 32, then 22 (including 10K race), then 26, then30, then 19 (including Bakersfield Half), then 18, then 25, then 22….. I like to include lots of weekend totals that exceed the 26 mile marathon total and it looks like I did 6 of them.

Today it was just an easy 10 with Chuck and Lance on the aqueduct. Tiffanie even joined us a bit with her dog. Chuck and Lance headed out for more but I called it quits at 10.

Tomorrow, I rest!  Tuesday I will be at the track for the HDR workout, but I will do my intervals at Marathon Pace!
I will forego my Wednesday workout with Clay, unless Clay has something particular in mind. I just don’t want to get stressed and sore. I am planning on some marathon paced miles on Thursday before I head off to Boston.

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